PT. Adimitra Baratama Nusantara
Mining Operations

Mining Operations

For overburden removal as well as coal extraction, larger fleets (up to 350 ton excavators and 100 ton dump trucks) are used to optimize economics of scale.


Consistency of quality is a high priority in the production process. A number of Quality Control safeguards have been designed in the system to ensure that the coal produced is homogenous and consistent in quality with customer specifications.

The first step is the initial testing and identification of the coal seam quality before mining even begins. After removal of overburden and before coal is extracted, channel samplings are carried out to that ensure the coal is of the expected quality. After extraction, a few rounds of samplings are taken along the coal processing and handling facilities. If all is consistent, coal will then be loaded to the barges and another stage of sampling, using another mechanical sampler, will be carried out to assess the quality of the shipment. Production simulations are constantly being updated, providing an accurate quality forecast for coal productions of future shipments.

A private on-site laboratory, managed by an independent surveyor, ensures that sufficient resources and attention are dedicated towards the constant monitoring of quality planning, quality controls and shipment analysis.

ABN coal is coated with surfactants in order to minimize dust contamination and mitigate the risk of spontaneous combustion, which if not properly handled, can be a potential hazard of Indonesian coal due to its high Volatile Matter.