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Loading Time

Loading Time

The typical loading time for a geared handymax (50,000 MT +/-10%) is around 4 days,

a gearless panamax (70,000 MT +/-10%) is around 1.5 days and

a capesize (135,000 MT +/-10%) is around 3.5 days.


ABN produces a range of sub-bituminous (ABN52, ABN56 RS and ABN56 HS) and bituminious (ABN58 and ABN59 LS) thermal coal, which are primarily used for power generation as well as cement manufacturing and other general industries in the domestic and global markets.
Due to freight competitiveness, ABN coal has a far greater penetration to customers across the Pacific region. The majority of the exports are directed to utilities and industries in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, China and India with increasing sales into Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam as well as other Asian destinations.